Clavatisporella musicola K.D. Hyde, Mycotaxon 55: 276. 1995. (Type species).

Ascomata perithecial, immersed, solitary or gregarious, globose to subglobose, light brown, up to 140 μm diam, 120 μm high, with a non-protruding ostiole. Paraphyses hyaline, septate, up to 10 μm wide. Asci 8-spored, unitunicate, cylindrical to clavate, 93–140 × 12–15 μm, with a refractive ring. Ascospores 2–3-seriate in ascus, irregularly fusiform to clavate, 1–2-septate, hyaline, appendiculate, 21–30 × 6–9 μm. Asexual state unknown (Description from Hyde, 1995).

Typification: Holotype BRIP22403.

Gene sequences: Unknown.

Hosts/substrates: On dead leaves of Musa (Musaceae).

Distribution: Indonesia (Irian Jaya).

Copyright 2022 by The American Phytopathological Society. Reproduced, by permission, from Luo, J., and Zhang, N. 2022. The Rice Blast Fungus and Allied Species: A Monograph of the Fungal Order Magnaporthales ( American Phytopathological Society, St. Paul, MN.