Neopyricularia commelinicola (M.J. Park & H.D. Shin) Klaubauf, Lebrun & Crous, Stud. Mycol. 79: 108. 2014. (Type species).

Asexual state pyricularia-like. On natural substrate, conidiophores simple, unbranched, straight or geniculate, up to 7-septate, hyaline, smooth, 150–530 × 4–6 μm. Conidiogenous cells terminal, intercalary, cylindrical, with several protruding denticles. Conidia solitary, pyriform to obclavate, 2-septate, hyaline. Smooth, 27–42(–45) × 10–12.5 μm, with a truncate hilum. Sexual state unknown (Description from Park and Shin, 2009).

Typification: Holotype KUS(F)22838. Ex-holotype culture CBS128308.

Gene sequences: KM484985 (28S), FJ850122 (ITS), KM485175 (ACT), KM485087 (RPB1).

Hosts/substrates: On leaf spots of Commelina communis (Commelinaceae).

Distribution: South Korea.